Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are

If you read Blog #1, you know that Blog #2 and future blogs are mostly going to be health and fitness related. However, I do reserve the right to deviate from the topic at will and in the spirit of full disclosure want to state that deviations, distractions and ADD moments do often occur.   Like right now, I can clearly see myself wanting to talk about at least a dozen other topics, but will force myself  to stay on the I’m-going-to-get-healthy-if-it-kills-me stuff.  Over the last couple years, the idea of following triathlon fitness, not just for participation but as a lifestyle/career path has been slowly and gradually taking root.   I’m observing firsthand that the saying is true, ‘if you follow your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life’. In just a couple of short weeks, I’ve noticed the most incredible difference in myself and this interesting thing called “purpose”.  If you can find it and follow it, you will truly start to live and grow; and, I’ve noticed it’s almost impossible to grow or change in one area of my life without all the other areas growing and changing right along.  I’m fully committed and super excited to begin my relationship with this path of Whole Health:  Body, Mind and Soul.  (Wow, I just realized that’s Tri-Fuzion on a whole other level).

A little over a week ago, I received my Certified Personal Trainer Manual and Study Guides in the mail. I’ve decided to use the American Council on Exercise (ACE) program for a couple different reasons but the basic jist of it is that their program just seems to make the most sense to me and offers the most for the money. It’s nationally accredited by the NCCA and meets high-standard testing guidelines.  There are quite a few organizations out there that teach Personal Trainer Certification, but this one seemed to be the best fit for me.  Ok, that’s decided and here I am.  Books in hand.  I am ready.  Brand-new-never-been-marked-on-crispy-clean-virgin-pages, waiting for my neon highlighter to outline the choice words with a yellow halo and magically transport them to my brain, thus, transforming me into the greatest personal trainer in the history of the ACE’s history.  That didn’t happen.   Instead of this magic, transforming moment, I got major noggin-rebellion.  That’s right my brain was rejecting every bit of information I was desperately trying to feed it. The more I tried to focus and remind it to get serious, the more stubborn it became. It wasn’t budging.  The road blocks were up, the “do not disturb” signs were posted and the “out to lunch” message was definitely communicated.  Why, brain? Why are you fighting me?  I’m guessing its mostly because I’ve pretty much left it alone for the last 15 yrs. or so. Oh sure, I’ve completed the occasional crossword puzzle and I definitely read a lot, but that is “for-fun” stuff, there’s nothing riding on the line there. This, however, is important and let’s face it, it’s work.  It’s good information and it’s information I crave, but it’s no Steven Spielberg or even Agatha Christie novel.  Dare I say?  It’s a little dull.  So, my first step was to identify the problem. Problem identified. With the second step, I’m gently easing into the study and I’m not getting crazy frustrated when I have to read the same paragraph 14 and a half times.   And, third, my note-taking skills have grown exponentially, mostly due to necessity,  in just a few days.  (also, equally important is that I transformed a corner of my bedroom into quiet study space).  It’s working, all these ideas seem to be doing the trick, baby steps.

The changes don’t stop there.  Let’s talk about The Bod.  Well, first thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve stopped whining and complaining about working out. For the most part, I’m sticking to a schedule and not dreading it. I know and accept where my body, my weight, and my ability’s are right now, that doesn’t mean I have to accept that they need to remain there. “Start Where You Are” is not only the cover photo for my Facebook Group Page (Trifuzion Athletic Training, shameless plug there, I know) it is what I remind myself these days and probably the best piece of advice I can give to anyone looking to make improvements in their physical fitness.   When people say they can’t even run a mile, I tell them, I know, I used to be there, but the only way to get to that first mile is to start where you are. That might be a walk around the block (which is where I started) or it might be a combination of jog for four minutes and walk for one.  It’s simple advice and I’m sure we’ve heard it a million times, but it’s super-effective once we sincerely embrace it as truth.  Evaluating our own selves, where we are today and most importantly not comparing ourselves to others, is the place to start.  There are infinite qualities and talents that distinguish us from one another, but isn’t that the beauty of life?  Our own unique personalities and quirks make us so much more interesting than if we all tried to fit into perfect little molds or worse yet, mirrors of eachother.  So the growth here is that I’m going to worry less about others and their progress and focus more on walking to the beat of my own drummer.  I have goals for my body and if it be God’s will, I’ll reach them.

But really though, what am I learning with this new (ad)venture?  Thanks to my rebellious gray matter I’m definitely learning patience.  I’m learning compassion and kindness for my own body.  Respect goes along with that, my body serves me every single day, it’s time I showed it some due respect.   Determination, I’m committed to seeing my goals as a personal trainer through, there’s nothing wrong with changing our minds but I want to make sure I’ve given it a fair shot.  Accepting these awesome life-changing things takes time, so I’m learning to take it all in.  I want to enjoy the journey, cliché, I know, but my friend Dave says, “clichés become cliché for a reason”.  I want to be mindful of every step along the way, this time will pass and the next stage of this process will begin but this part where everything is new and fresh will never be available again, at least not in the same light.  Most importantly, above all, I want to make a difference in people’s lives.  I want to be the best personal athletic trainer they’ve ever met or even heard about.   I know I can’t cure people, I can’t solve every problem they have, but I do know that when it comes to their health and their bodies, I want to give them 110% of my commitment to their better health.  I’ve experienced tremendous struggle with my weight my entire life, I’ve watched others succeed where I’ve wrongly perceived I had failed, and have allowed the meanest, most hurtful thoughts about my own self that I would have never thought about anyone else.  The day has come that it all has to stop.  We are who we are right now but there are parts of us that don’t need to stay that way.

Our insides, that’s a whole other blog, our insides are incredibly perfect.

Swim, Bike, Run, Breathe, Live and Love ~ Vicky


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