Morning Will Come


Morning Will Come

This is my first Blog and it has literally taken me over a week to come up with the first sentence. Great. There it is. Glad that’s done. I’ve never been a writer; however, I do love to share what I know and what I will be learning along the way. The topics and stories will most likely be random, spontaneous and probably inspired by any given moment that captures my full attention (like this afternoon, at the car dealership waiting room, I had to make a note: Future Blog Ideas: Waiting Room Conversations). The majority of my blogs will consist of my journey to better health through good food choices and a love of physical fitness, especially Triathlon Training. There will probably also be a lot of personal trainer stuff as I’m preparing for my certification and hopefully a new career in Triathlon Training, etc. In this first blog, I’m sharing some very personal information, but I think if I’m going to blog successfully, I have to allow the readers to get a glimpse of my past since it’s so important to my present and future and will share a very vulnerable part of me that I often work so hard to keep hidden. We all have pain that we carry along with struggles and challenges that often times exhaust us. Some, seem impossible to let go of.

Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Vicky, it’s actually Vitore, I’m Albanian, but ever since kindergarten, when the teachers decided I needed the English version of my name, it’s been Vicky. I’ll get into the complications and challenges of the merging of the two cultures I was brought up in in future blogs. I’m a mother to Toma, who’s 23, and gets to keep his Albanian name; and Lillian, who’s 19, and has never had to struggle with identity issues revolving around hers; ironically, she’s the one who’s renamed herself at least a half dozen times throughout elementary school (Remember, Rebecca?). Ok, I won’t get super mushy and tell you about how they’re the loves of my life, the sparkles in my eye and the beats of my heart. I won’t comment on how they have been one of the greatest sources of strength for me or how they always make me proud to introduce them as my kids. No, I won’t get into all that. They are truly special for sure, but they’re not perfect. Toma and Lilly are normal, healthy, young adults who often times as most young adults do, think they know it all. They’re learning like we all did. Some lessons easier, and some quite difficult. They got a really tough life lesson very early on in their lives. Toma was 10, Lilly was 6 and Nua was 45. Too young to experience a huge loss for them and too young to have a life end for him. That was almost 13 years ago. We huddled together, took that proverbial one day at a time and moved forward. I often recall a quote from Marty Rubin, that reminds me of that time in our lives… “Morning will come, it has no choice”. Not a day passed by in those first six months that I didn’t cry at least once; for missing Nua, for being pissed off at life’s unfairness and for every fear and insecurity that comes with loss. But my two pillars, little did they know, kept me strong and moving forward.

That’s a whole lot for a first blog and I hope if you connect in anyway with my journey you will feel safe to share yours. If I’ve learned nothing else till now, I’ve learned that we’re not alone, we don’t live separate or independent of each other. I’ve learned it’s OK to be weak, it’s ok to allow others to help; as a friend once said to me when I thanked him for allowing me to bring dinner to his family after his wife’s surgery… “Vicky, I’d never deny you that blessing.”

(All of that said, this Blog will mostly cover TRi-Fuzion Athletic Training topics (my personal trainer certification journey and beyond). I hope you will be kind to my amateur writing abilities, I will try my best).

Swim, Bike, Run, Breath, Live and Love ~ Vicky


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